The Year 1375, known as the Year of Risen Elfkin, would see much
upheaval and turmoil for not just the continent of Faerun but all of Toril
itself.  The goddesss of magic, Mystra, was murdered, and magic exploded
across the world.  Gods rose and fell, as did entire civilizations and their
rulers.  In all of that chaos, one place remained stable and secure:  The
land of Haranshire.  Having been too small to even appear on any maps
before, it suddenly became known as a beacon of safety, hope and
prosperity.  Haranshire had been through several years of it's own dark
turmoil, the scope of which repeatedly threatened to spill out and
endanger not just the world, but all of existence as well. Thanks to the
actions of a group of heroes known as the Scales, Haranshire would not
only overcome these troubles, but grow and prosper.  While there were
still tidings of trouble yet to come, for a time at least, this land would
know peace.