Viconia DeVir.  Drow priestess of Shar.  She had helped the group before, but as part of the Triad became an enemy.  Slain by Erinius.
Mistress Lynnara.  This Succubus has been manipulating much of the troubles in Haranshire, and recently lost her hold over the thieves guild.
Janelle.  This Alu-Fiend was a servant of Mistress Lynnara, but surrendered to the group after being defeated when they freed the thieves guild from Lynnara's control.  She has offered information about her former mistress in exchange for her freedom.
Lilith.  This little girl is the daughter of Lynnara and was seen fleeing the battle that liberated the thieves guild with her mother.  The identity of her father remains unknown.
Lord Artan Shrykun.  This Death Knight was once a Paladin of the Carmen family come to make peace between the Carmens and the Palfrays.  The arranged marriage failed, and Shrykun drowned chasing the Palfray girl who refused to submit.  He was trapped by Inzeldrin's control of the swamp for centuries until her death freed him, where he joined the Triad of Shadow to bring the peace of the dead to Haranshire.  Was convinced by Cosmo to betray the Triad and try to redeem himself.  Has left Haranshire.
The Lady of the Vale.  This ghostly creature dwells in the heart of the Vale of shadows, a crater that occupies the area of the shadow plane which overlays that of Haranshire in the material plane.  A haunting song emits from her constantly, which she claims staves off the coming Age of Desolation.
Evir Nialo.  This Archwizard used the Orb of Necromancy as part of the Triad to try to make Haranshire into a land of the dead.  Was defeated but managed to escape into the plane of shadow.
Alaunthrae Trissace.  This Sorceress of the 2nd Company of the Broken Spire was killed by shadows investigating the tomb of the Priest-King Selharan.  She was semi-resurrected by Evir, and enslaved as her shadow nature slowly overtook her.  She was sent back to Haranshire after being freed from Triad control, but disappeared.
Snule.  This Troll assassin was enslaved by Evir and the Triad, but gave the Scales information to help take the Triad down in exchange for helping him escape.
The Nightlord.  This nightwalker was empowered by the triad, and broke free of their control.  Now controls most of the Vale of Shadows since the triads defeat.
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