The Widows
The Librarians
The Lost Angels
The Shepards of Caine
The Queens of Mercy
The Wretched
The Navigators
The Talons
Montreal, also known as the City of Black Miracles, has been the spiritual heart of the Sword of Caine for centuries.  The city is awash in the faith of it's spiritual mortals and immortals.  But a foul darkness exists, underneath the surface of the numerous churches and other places of religious or spiritual significance.  In most cities, it is said, the Vampires rule the night.  Not so here.  In Montreal, the Night rules the vampires...
The Archbishop of the city is Lord Ezekiel of the Black Hand, who is also Ductus of the 25:17 pack.  Ezekiel took advantage of the recent Shroud of Kaymakli controversy which revealed a lost fragment of the Book of Nod.  Ezekiel was able to claim the position after establishing the previous Archbishop, Benezri, to have been ineffective at dealing with the cities infernalist troubles, as well as "abusing" his position to protect a lover.
The Bishops, who advise Arcbhisop Ezekiel are the Tzimisce Ductus of the Widows The Rose, The Harbinger of Skulls of the Librarian pack Agaitas,
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