The Black Star
The current incarnation of the pack.
Ignacio, The Black Priest.  Clan Lasombra, Pack Priest for the "last few years" in his words.  The exact date and length of time seems to be in question.  Guides the pack through his unusually extensive knowledge of the Paths of Enlightenment as well as mysterious prophecy he seems to be receiving somehow either from the star, or a voice or voices connected somehow with the star.
Terrence, Clan Tzimisce.  Joined the pack in 1997.  Became Ductus after being one of the few survivors of The Battle of New York in 1999.  Once a calm and unaggressive leader, Terrence has recently, after vanishing for a brief time in New York, begun to exhibit unusual behavior... displaying a increased desire to "grow" through the fleshcrafting art of Viscissitude.
Guido Lucciano, Pack "misfit".  Clan Lasombra.  Joined the pack just after the Battle of New York, in 1999.  Known for his violent nature and aggressive demeanor.  Hints have arisen, however that there is more to this "misfit" than he wants anyone to see.
Johnny B.  Clan Serpentsof the Light.  Drawn from New Orleans to the Sabbat Fire Dance in Detroit and joined the pack in September, 2001.  A voice for caution, save for when it comes to personal boundaries, Johnny has begun to hear voices that claim to be from the Black Star, and claim to be a Loa of Fate.
Alexie, Clan Lasombra.  Rose above being embraced as a "shovelhead" to become True Sabbat. A practicioner of Abyss mysticism as well as a student of Noddist lore.  Joined the pack in late September, 2001 after being drawn from Boston to a Sabbat Fire Dance in Detroit.  (Chele) Corvis, Clan City Gangrel Antitribu.  Abbot of the pack.  Often referred to as "The Blender"(rarely to his face).  Found by Ignacio in the Bronx, NY and joined the pack in November, 2001.  Acts as a mentor to and was responsible for guiding Sarah Raines into the Sabbat and the pack.  (Jason)
Sarah Raines. Clan Country Gangrel Antitribu.  In December of 2001, rescued from a Cabal of mortal Magi and has since begun the Creation Rites to become True Sabbat.
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