Past Pack Members
Kong.  Gangrel Antitribu.  This huge Cainite joined the pack at the Fire Dance in Detroit in September 2001, and defended the pack for a short time, leaving to join the Black Hand, the elite military arm of the Sabbat.  Occasionally communicates with the Black Star with info and help gleaned from his time and experience in the Black Hand.
Darcy "The Pink Lady".  This Malkavian Antitribu escaped some catastrophe in Seattle and joined the pack at the Fire Dance in Detroit in September of 2001.  She had visions of "The (Gentle)Man in the hat" who was supposed to be searching out his delusions to devour.  Left with another Malkavian, Ozmo for unknown puprposes.  From time to time, shows up to aid the pack  and then mysteriously vanishes.
Vince.  Clan Tzimisce.  A shovelhead who joined the pack in 2001 after it's arrival in New York, Vince was destroyed protecting the pack in Battle.
Maggot.  Nosferatu Antitribu.  Maggot joined the pack at the Detroit Fire Dance in September 2001.  Gained reknown for lighting the prince of Boston on fire, and was responsible for reignighting the Anarch movement with a speech in New York. He left the pack to further his studies in Thaumaturgy and focus more on guiding the resurging Anarch movement.
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