Caitiff of Chicago
There are a number of Clanless vampires in Chicago.  Most are split between Carlyle and Luther's Anarchs, however some are the "Pander" of the Sabbat.
Maldavis.  Maldavis is a longtime resident of the city who once rallied the anarchs to rise up against the Elders of the city.  The revolt was put down harshly, though she somehow managed to avoid the destruction that befell her fellows.  She now falls in with Luther's Anarchs.
Dickie.  Dickie is known for being a survivor.  He currently follows Luther. Raymond.  This huge yet quiet brute follows Carlyle and is known for his use of a garrote.
Rex the Necronomist.  Ductus of the Nameless pack of Sabbat Pander hiding out in Chicago's sewers.  Helps the Black Star, but has been open about his pack's infernalism.
Jasper.  Jasper follows Carlyle and is always testing out some sort of gadget or concoction.
Victoria.  Victoria follows Carlyle and is know for her vicious streak.
Gillian Krader.  This madwoman is a member of the Sabbat Nameless pack and enjoys creating twisted monsters.
Huang the blood cultist.  A member of the Sabbat Nameless pack who has influence amongst mortal gangs.
March Halcyon.  A new addition to the Sabbat Nameless pack.
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