Camarilla Positions
Prince - Usually an elder vampire who can claim domain over an entire city.  A Prince usually has enough political power amongst the Kindred as well as clout within the mortal world to not only gain the position, but to also keep it.  It is possible however, for a Prince to be a puppet of the Primogen, or some other elder.  The Prince is generally in charge of a city and it falls to him to uphold the six Traditions of the Masquerade.  The Prince must maintain a careful balance with the cities Primogen, for while any one of them technically dwells under the Prince's "rule" the assembled Primogen, or even a majority in most cases are more than capable of removing the Prince, one way or another.  The Prince is almost always approved by a majority of the Primogen.
Seneschal - The Seneschal of a city is something akin to secretary for the Prince.  Often a Seneschal is treated as something of a "Vice-Prince" as well, standing in when the Prince is away, or in the event of a Prince's destruction presiding until a new Prince arises.  The Seneschal is almost always chosen by the Prince.
Primogen - The Primogen are Elders of the city who take on a leadership role for their clan.  Usually there is one for each clan with a major presence in a city, although mostly they consist of the 6 clans of the Camarilla.  It is not unheard of for other clans to have a Primogen as well, sometimes due to the non-camarilla clan being significant in the city, or a lone kindred with enough power, both personally and politically to warrant consultation by the other elders. The Primogen often hold council meetings in which they discuss and rule the city.  The Primogen must tread carefully, for a Prince is the recognized authority of a city above them, and should the two come into conflict, the city suffers.  In most cities, the Primogen Council and the Prince at least keep each other informed of their activities, though usually the Prince attends said meetings and the group collectivey "rules" the city.  A Kindred will find unlife difficult indeed if they attempt to claim the Primogen seat for their clan without the support of the actual clan in the city. 
Whip - The Whip is like a Seneschal for an individual Primogen.  Sometimes called Demigen, the Whip is responsible for keeping the rest of a Primogen's clan in line at gatherings, and helping the Primogen in any other way said Primogen decides.
Sheriff - The Sheriff of a city is the enforcer of the Prince.  Normally chosen by the Prince, the Sheriff is usually granted the right to interpret Kindred law and carry out punishments, but the nature of a Sheriff's duty varies by Prince.  While the Sheriff must keep in mind the Primogen, as they are techincally "above" him, he usually answers solely to the Prince.
Scourge - The Scourge, another position normally chosen by the Prince, has one duty: To find Kindred who have not presented themselves before the Prince and either bring them before the Prince to answer for trespassing in his domain, or even destroy them outright.  Often a Scourge and the Sheriff find their jobs coinciding, and so learn to get along.  Sometimes the two jobs are granted to one Kindred.  Often times a ctiy has more than one Scourge.
Justicar - There is one Justicar for each clan in the Camarilla.  Chosen by the Inner Circle every thirteen years, a Justicar is an enforcer of the Camarilla Traditions who technically outranks the Prince and anyone else, save for the members of the Inner Circle.  However, most Justicars find it easier to work with a Prince and Primogen than against them.  Justicar's can be petitioned to hold Conclaves in which all Kindred in a region gather and vote upon just about anything that is brought up(including abusive Prince/Primogen troubles).  Justicars travel around the world, and choose a handful of Archons to serve as agents and lieutenants, they do not take calling Concalves lightly.
Archon - An Archon is the right hand of a Justicar, almost always travelling somewhere on a Justicar's orders to carry out some task or another.  Archon's must tread carefully, for they technically only have as much clout as their Justicar allows, and must weigh carefully opposing a Prince or Primogen against how much their Justicar will back them up.  Of course, the Prince and Primogen usually will try to accomidate Archons, as few would like a Justicar in their domain digging into the various goings on of their city.
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