Gangrel of Chicago
The Gangrel of Chicago are for the time being still part of the Camarilla.  The presence of the ancient Inyanga protects them from the retaliation that many other Gangrel still in the Camarilla are forced to endure. 
Rose.  Country Gangrel.  Childe of Sledgehammer Doyle.  Openly hates her sire and has been seen with Luther's anarchs recently.
Inyanga.  Country Gangrel Primogen.  Ancient and powerful, and rumored to have contacts amongst the lupines. "Sledgehammer Doyle" Fincher.  Country Gangrel childe of Inyanga.  Controls the stockyards that supply animal blood to kindred unable to hunt.
Ramrod.  Country Gangrel Archon.   He is in charge of a small group of ghouls that work with and serve the Wolf Pack.
Dread.  Country Gangrel Archon.  A member of the Wolf Pack
Tyrus.  Country Gangrel Archon.  Leads the Wolf pack, a group of Camarilla Gangrel Archons assigned to patrol Illinois.
Phillipe Rigaud.  City Gangrel Antitribu, Bishop and Ductus of the Undercover pack assigned to infiltrate and gather information on Chicago.
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