Melathyn. Priestess of
Bane.  Captured by
the same zhentarim
slave caravan as the
Knights, freed by
Randal Morn and
would return to "pay
her debt" by leading
other banites to help
the rebels defeat the
Cyric worshipping
Zhentarim that had
Hadrhune.  Hand of
the Princes of
Shade. Chief
architect of the
various activities
undertaken by the
Shade Empire prior
to and after it's
return to Faerun.
Halaster Blackcloak "The
Mad Mage of
Archwizard who magically
created several unique
clones of himself, of which
Callandra is one.  He does
not seem to approve of her
or her activities.
Mourntarn The Slient.  
High Druid of
Shadowdale.  This
Archdruid leads the
Druid Circle of
Shadowdale, and is
very concerned about
Nesh's connection to
an ancient plague
known as the Grey
Narlgathra.  This ancient red
dragon terrorized the various
civilizations to inhabit the
dalelands region for centuries.  
Narlgathra was absent for some
time, but returned changed,
mutated and twisted by the Grey
Pestilence.  Was responsible for
the destruction of Nesh and
Key's home, the elf village called
Thalos.  This Red
Wizard of Thay runs
the Thayan Enclave
in Dagger Falls
which sells exotic
and often magical
items to those who
can pay.  Though
known for their evil,
the Thayans are also
pragmatic, and even
helped in the battle
to free Daggerdale
from Zhentarim rule.
Tren Noemfor.  
Formerly part of the
Zhentarim occupation
of Daggerdale, this
Zhentarim soldier was
constable of the city
Dagger Falls.  After he
was demoted, and the
Church of Cyric began
rampaging through the
organization, he
negotiated a deal for
the remainin Zhentarim
who wished to
abandon the mad
cyricist faction of
Duneth Wharreil.  Drow
Archmage of
Maerimydra.  Distant
Grandfather of Lala,
Duneth took an interest
in her talents with
shadow magic. Giving
Lala an escape from the
politics of her House
and family life, Duneth
warned Lala that
Maerimydra, "The City of
the Spider Queen" was
growing stagnant, and
unless something
drastic was done,
disaster would befall
the drow city.  After she
left, he kept in contact,
suggesting the
possibility of bringing
the Knights of the
Moon's Fire down to
save the city.