Defeated Foes
Ghedrin.  This strange dragonborn creature helped the Scales against the Cult of the Dragon, but only to later lead a force of Lizardmen and draongs to besiege Milborne for Inzeldrin.  He was slain durin the seige.
Cazakk The Blessed.  This red dragon worshipped Tiamat, and was hunted down and slain by the Scales after terrorizing Haranshire.
Nightmire.  This Elder black dragon was sent by the Cult of the Dragon to kill the Scales...They instead slew him.
Oleanne.  This shadow druid was killed by the Scales when it was discovered she was behind attacks on the logging villiage of Alston.
Mia.  This Priestess of Talona was slain by the Scales after they discovered her to be the cause of the sickness and death plaguing the Elven Wood.
Kranin.  This Summoner/Illusionist was originally a slave freed from the Underdark by the Company of the Broken Spire.  He was killed by the Scales after he lead a seige of Abadoss for Inzeldrin.
Fandruzsch.  This shadow dragon was slain by the Company of the Broken Spire, but later resurrected by Inzeldrin and sent to lead a force attacking Milborne, where he was again slain, this time by the Scales.
Matron Akordia Millithor.  This drow priestess lost her powers during the Silence of Lolth, and managed to lead a small force of her family out of the wreckage of the deestroyed drow city Szithlyn.  She made a pact with the Demonic mistress of Lynnara, taking on a demonic form to make up for lost powers.  She was slain by the Scales after troubling the dwarves of Nalor.
Thrandraxinous.  This deep dragon masqueraded as a drow lich for millenia, plotting with followers of Vhaeraun to overthrow the Lolthite rule of Szithlyn.  They struck when the Silence of Lolth hit...but then the Rage of Dragons happened,and Thrandraxinous lost himself and destroyed the entire city.  He was eventually enslaved by Inzeldrin who sent him to occupy Nalor where he was slain by the Scales.
Cyntaris the Spur Lord.  This Divine champion of Cyric was the military commander of the Zhentarim in Haranshire, leading their forces in the Battle of Milborne.  He was slain by the Scales.
Ailanna and Lekar.  Twin leaders of the Cyricist Zhentarim working for Count Palfray, slain during the civil war.
Inzeldrin.  This ancient green dragon made her lair in Haranshire for centuries plotting to reclaim what she saw as territory rightfully hers.  A master of magic, she manipulated the Dragonrage and turned herself into a Dracolich.  She was destroyed by the Scales, after being enslaved and controlled by the Zhentarim.