Haranshire is located about 90 miles northeast of Baldur's Gate, inside a U-shaped bend of the river known as the Winding Water.  Merchants have begun traveling to and through the land, as there is much untapped potential there, and it offers a safe route to the Sword Coast that doesn't involve passing through the dangerous and haunted fields of the dead.  
Haranshire is focused around the Churnett river, which flows down from the Troll Hills in the north, and emtpies into the Winding Water which flows west to the sea.  The are 5 human settlements, and two non human ones: 
- Milborne, the current center for trade in the land, home to the prestigious Carmen family.
     -  Harlaton, a smaller town known for it's isolationist and xenophobic folk.
- The Merchant Outpost, built by the ruling Palfray family to house their military forces as well as attempt to lure business from their rivals in Milborne, the Carmen family.
- Thurmaster, a city long controlled tightly by the Palfray family.
- Alston a logging villiage that recently experienced rampant growth.
- The Elves of Abadoss settled in what is now referred to simply as the "Elven Wood".  Not many are sure what caused a few thousand elves to build a city in Haranshire, though rumors claim something about a lost race.
- The Dwarves of Nalor constructed a fortress in caverns of the Great Rock Dale, guarding the one entrance to the Underdark in Haranshire, they haven't yet brought down.  Their motives are equally mysterious, though rumor claims the dwarves were lead here by visions of a great hero of theirs who perished in the land...visions that showed a dark future for the land of Haranshire.