Non human Leadership
Lord Talenthoros Thegard.  Leader of House Thegard, believed to be a house of Sun-elves, it was revealed that they were in fact Demonfey who joined with demonic forces led by Lillianth and Lady Lynnara who took over both Abadoss and the Elven wood.
Lord Alainthalas Trissace, Moon Elf Elder of the Abadoss Council and father of Zarymin.  Now he leads the Elves in exile who have taken up residence in the Thornwood with the demonic conquest of the Elven wood.
Lord Nadal Abier.  Wood elf Archmage and leader of the reborn House Abier, half of which had been made into drow millenia ago, the drow have returned to the surface and live with their surface brethren, albeit with great unease.
Lord Aljayera.  Rockseer elf Councilor.
Nurthal Battlehammer.  Dwarven Lord of Clan Battlehammer.  Has taken on a central role of leadership for the dwarves with the loss of their king.
Gilrak Blackaxe.  Dwarven Lord of Clan Blackaxe. Clan Blackaxe gained much in the wake of the King's disappearance and the Derro attack.  They were barely stopped from assuming the throne.
Matron Minolin Abier.  This Drow masked traitor lead her house of drow from the ruin of their city to the surface where they rejoined their ancient ancestors and reuinted House Abier. She appears to share control of the house with Lord Abier.
Glanbryn Brickbin.  Dwarven Lady of Clan Brickbin.  Both she and the Clan have suffered a loss of face and mistrust after her domination by the Derro
Gurag.  Warlord of the minotaur forces who have taken over the merhcant outpost.  2nd  to Rezar.
King Argast Nalor II.  Dwarven King of Nalor.  After being revealed to be under Derro domination, disappeared into a realm of Chaos when the Derro attacked Nalor.
Luryss.  Shaman and wife to Gurag.
Brukkleyet.  "High Priest" of Tyr for the Goblins of the Sheild.
Rezar.  Minotaur shaman who claims to recieve visions from Baphomet himself.  Leader of the minotaurs that have taken over the merchant outpost in a deal with Cosmo in which they turned on their cyricist allies.
Grundlgek.  Leader of the goblins of the Shield. This tribe worships Tyr and genuinely seems to be a tribe of good-natured goblins.