Darius Carmen.  This mayor of Milborne oversaw the city's growth into the powerhouse of Haranshire.  He was believed slain during the Rise of the Dead but was found and healed by priests.
Shiraz. Swanmay ranger watching over northwestern Haranshire.  
Obiare.  This Bard and sole survivor of the 1st Company of the Broken Spire.  After most of his companions were slain in 1369, Obiare retired to Milborne, where he had the Tower of Learning constructed and serves as both a teacher and entertainer. 
Lord Haelbrom Thorp.  Noble and Elder of the merchant House Thorp in Waterdeep.  Posesses a keen eye for opportunity and a boldness in seizing it.  He is ruthless in business, but charitable in person, this Noble is also rumored to be blessed by Tymora, goddess of luck. 
Villiane.  Warrior-Mayor of the logging villiage of Alston near the Blessed Wood, and an outspoken proponent for freedom, known for her incredible strength and constitution.
Aran.  Captain of the House Thorp Guard from Waterdeep and recently promoted to be Lord Thorp's 2nd in Haranshire.
Squire Marlen Palfray.  Mayor of Thurmaster and cousin to the former count.
Mainard Khordas.  Mayor of Harlaton.  This man appeared out of nowhere in 1370, and helped Harlaton survive and rebuild after a plague devastated the town.  Rumor claims him to be a sorcerer or illusionist of great power.
Ziyan the Red.  Half-elf leader of the thieves guild.
Kooper.  This old ranger runs a large farming estate which house numerous families and thier farms.
Jhestryn.  This magic user has been groomed by Lord Palfray to take up the rule of Thurmaster when he is gone.
Lord Nantern.  This mysterious merchant has quietly begun to dominate trade in Thurmaster.
Lord Melendus.  This merchant of Milborne is allied with Lord Carmen.
Parella.  This tall woman was married to Garyld, constable of Milborne.  In the wake of his death, she took over his position.
Lilianth.  This woman known for carrying numerous weapons was seen leading the army of Demons that conquered the Elven Wood.
High Imperceptor Stathis.  Leader of the church of Bane's Temple of the Black Gauntlet just south of Haranshire. 
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