Sorjae Dulrathik.  Once known as the merchant outpost run by cyricists working for count palfray, this fortress was overrun by the western alliance, and a large number of minotaurs were allowed to take up residence there after helping drive out the Count and his forces.
Shadow Falls.  This rift in the earth was caused when the Aboleth attempted to raise their city and spread their domination throughout the surface.  Something went wrong and their city exploded, crashing back down into the depths of the underdark.
The Tower of Learning.  Home to the bard and retired adventurer Obiare, who also works for the Harpers and runs a cell out of his tower.
The Temple of Shar.  This fortified temple, built in the western mountains of the Vale of Shadows in the shadow plane, was home to the Triad.  Since their defeat, something has taken up residence in it's unhallowed halls.
The Tower of the Veil.  This tower rises out of the heart of the Vale of Shadows, a deep crater in the shadow plane.  A constant cacophony of voices eminates out from it, singing a haunting, never-ending song.  Those who venture too close are usually slain in some horrible, and explosive manner.
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