Jyhad is a story about the political struggles of the elder vampires of Seattle.  The city has been controlled for some time by the Camarilla, the largest organization of Vampires who demand that all vampires practice their "traditions",with the most important being the Masquerade of hiding from humans.  The Sabbat, a rival sect of monstrous Vampires who seek to topple the Camarilla and see vampires exalt in their hunter nature, have launched many a siege against the city, yet have constantly been driven back.  Making Seattle particularly dangerous is that it has long stood alone, as most of the area surrounding it is full of ferocious werewolves who hate *all* vampires, hordes of Anarch vampires who don't care about either the Camarilla *or* the Sabbat, and ancient entities that the native americans only whispered about in forbidden stories. 

     As signs of the Final Nights and the prophecied Gehenna become more and more frequent, the Elders of the Camarilla struggle to hold onto their power as the world begins to fall apart around them.  Several events, such as the invasion of the Asian vampires, a full on war with the werewolves, and the anarchs who formerly controlled California fleeing the Asian vampire invasion to flood Seattle with hordes of vampires all threaten to destabilize the city's undead society, not to mention the usual vicious politics and infighting the vampires of the Camarilla commit against each other.
     In this story, each player portrays an Elder of one of the clans, most often one of the Primogen(elders who, along with the Prince govern the cities undead) each player is in theory allied with each other against the Sabbat, the Werewolves, the Anarchs and the Cathayans, but each player also realizes that political power within a group of vampires like the Camarilla can only be gained by forceably taking it from another, since vampires tend not to die of natural causes.

     The Vampires of Seattle must find a way to balance thier own personal needs and desire for power, with the numerous outside forces that threaten to destroy them all, while maintaining a grip on their fading humanity.  As if that weren't enough, chaos seems to be engulfing them, occuring quicker and beginning to take shape as if directed by someone...or something...else.  No matter what any Vampire accomplishes in the Final Nights, Gehenna, the prophecied end of the world looms ahead.
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