The Anarchs
The Anarch movement was believed to be dying, until recent events elsewhere stirred up the embers of the scattered anarchs across the world.  Seattle is only one of the many cities in which the anarchs have regrouped, reorganized, and have taken stock of why the movment failed the first time, and just what the movement is all about.
Crispus Attucks.  Brujah Elder and one of the few Anarch leaders to survive the Cathayn invasion of the Free State.  Regarded as one of the last anarch heroes left.
Andrea Visconti.  Brujah Baron of Kent and leader of the movement in the Pacific Northwest.  Formerly a Camarilla elder sent to study the Anarch Free State, she "went native" when the Cathayan invasion smashed the Free State.  She has reluctantly taken up the mantle of Baron and with words from a recent anarch gathering in New York, works to protect the movement here.
Torrence Urich. Brujah Leader of the Anarch Gang "Night Crew".
Allison Maller.  Brujah.
Thomas Jurras.  Toreador, part of the Night Crew.
Berthel Ward.  Brujah and Lieutenant of the Night Crew.
Dorsey Bohannon.  Brujah.  Member of the Night Crew.
Bobby Lemon.  Gangrel.  Member of the Night Crew.
Sundown.  Nosferatu.
Malloc.  Nosferatu.
Lorrelll Herndon.  Brujah member of the Night Crew.
Gloria Martinez.  Brujah.  Survivor of the Free State.