August, 1999 - August, 2000

      The Great Sabbat Crusade that swept up and down the eastern U.S. coast was like a trumpet, calling the Sabbat  in Portland Oregon and Canada who were influenced by the success of  their sectmates.   Prince helena, who kept an eye and ear out for tthe goings-on  outside her domain,  set about strengthening Seattle for the siege she knew the Sabbat were planning. 

      Then, the gangrel seceeded from the Camarilla, for reasons they do not publically speak of.  Prince Helena decreed that the Gangrel in seattle would be allowed to remain and would suffer no recriminations if they chose to do so, retaining their seat on the Primogen council.
       Helena would continue the precedent established by her sire in the city of allowing “unusual” vampires into the city and even permitting them to sit on the Primogen Council.  Helena refused to bow to pressure to remove the Lasombra Antitribu and Giovanni Primogen, both granted their seats on the Council more as advisors than as representatives of a clan, should be removed.  The Lasombra who had helped her sire take the city from the Sabbat was actually encouraged to create childer as he was clearly anti-Sabbat and the Giovanni were allowed a larger presence in the city.

     During this time, the a large number of the Sabbat in Portland, OR left the city.  Syrus, Primogen of the brujah at the time, took advantage of this and was responsible for taking the city for the Camarilla, installing a brujah Prince in power by the name of Rake.

     Syrus would be summoned to the east coast to assist in their struggles against the great Crusade there. 

     Then, word got out that a hit had been placed on Prince Helena.  Rumors flew that she had procured the services of an Assamite for protection, however it seemed to do her little good, for she was later destroyed by an assassin who's identity was never revealed.  There was a bit of confusion after rumors leaked that Helena had faked her own death and was spotted several times after her supposed destruction, only to be truly destroyed later in some twisted magic rite during the Sabbat Siege...But as usual in Kindred society, no one is confirming anything.

     Helena would be replaced by the Toreador Anson, a Kindred with a reputation for being quiet at times and then shockingly obscene at others. 

     The Lasombra antitribu Primogen took his childer and others he had coaxed and led a siege of Olympia, wiping out the Sabbat and declaring himself Prince and that Olympia would be more independant...neither Sabbat or Camarilla.

  Syrus returns and takes part in something that has only happened once before in recorded kindred history...a Co-Princedom   It happened once before in ancient Alexandria, and would happen in Seattle as the Toreador Prince, Anson simply disappeared...and with an impending Sabbat Siege, the pressure was on to replace him.   Syrus, who many called an “old world” Brujah with “new world” ideas, and the Elder Ventrue Bronwyn, who was quickly amassing a reputation as being both Diplomatic and strong as the need arose agreed to share power.  The two seemed to get along, despite everything that pulled at them. 

     The lasombra Antitribu Prince of Olympia was then destroyed by persons unknown, though general assumption is that the Camarilla wasn't happy with him not being *more* pro-Camarilla.

The Gangrel Primogen Bjorn had been busy creating and training a strike force of Gangrel some he summoned from across the U.S and others he embraced and trained.  The Sabbat somehow found out, and as a precursor to their Siege, struck the camp, hitting with a force of Elder Gangrel and Assamites.  Bjorn and his force were destroyed, but took some of the Sabbat's strongest and Elder Gangrel and Assamites with them.  After Bjorn's destruction no one was left to sit on the Primogen council to represent the Gangrel. 

The Sabbat laid siege to Seattle in the summer.  The Camarilla won the battle, but there were many losses, in addition to the Gangrel Primogen, something happened in the Nosferatu Warrens underneath the city, wiping out a massive gathering of Nosferatu of which only a few would survive, including the nosferatu primogen/seneschal, Nickutu.

After the siege, the city went about hunting down any remaining pockets of remaining Sabbat, and Bronwyn chose to step down as Prince, having grown close to an Assamite ally of hers and going with him back to the Assamite homeland somewhere in Turkey to deal with some sort of threat to the clan, which would later be revealed to be a schism between the Assamites who worshipped the clan founder and those who worshipped Mohammed.
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