August, 2000 - January, 2001
   As things calmed down Syrus left the city, again being called to help the Camarilla with strengthening their remaining presence on the east coast.  A Ventrue elder by the name of Natasha Volfchek took over as Prince.  Under Prince Volfchek, things seemed to remain calm, however that would quickly change.

     Kindred across the city began reporting that it was slowly growing more and more difficult to resist the urges of their beast as time wore on.  In the midst of this chaos, Volfchek orchestrated a clan war with the Tremere, though it was mostly behind mortal proxies, there were a few occasions of violence, however they were mostly in  surrounding cities.  Then, Syrus returned and quickly put a stop to the clan war, having Volfchek destroyed for her actions, and reclaiming the position of Prince.

     Word then reached seattle that strange asian vampires, unrelated to the Kindred, had invaded one of the only Camarilla controlled cities in the so-called "California Free State" of the anarchs.  These asian vampires called Cathayans by the kindred, invaded San Francisco. As the Kindred knew nothing about the Cathayan's strange powers, and were suprised by hordes of ghostly allies, the Cathayans took control

     The other kindred of San Francisco managed to open up lines of communication with the Cathayans, who agreed to wait for representatives of the Camarilla.  The Toreador Justicar, Madame Guil, travelled across the U.S. gathering Kindred with her as she went, promising that if it came to hostilities, anyone proving helpful to the Camarilla would be granted their own domain in California.  Madame Guil arrived in Seattle, calling a Conclave to discuss what would come next, as Seattle was her last stop before heading south to San Francisco.

     She announced that the Camarilla was going to negotiate with the Cathayans, but would not specifiy how.  She still wanted a show of force to keep the Cathayans from trying anything too rash.  However, at the Seattle Concalve a rogue Follower of Set used his dark powers to enrage her beast, which coupled with the strange affect that came over all kindred in Seattle, caused her to loose control going on a rampage during the Conclave.  While Archon Democritus struggled to hold her at bay, Prince Syrus had a sharpshooter ready, who fired at the berserk Justicar in a precise location, destroying her.

      By this time the numbers of Malkavians in Seattle and the surrounding cities had dropped dramatically.  The only remaining visible Malkavians in any city in the northwestern United States were Seattle's Primogen, Dymphina, Seattles clan Whip, Dancin' Dana, and another Seattle kindred called Saxton.  The princes of other northwest cities began putting pressure on Seattle for answers, but none were forthcoming.

       In the wake of the destruction of the Toreador Justicar, one of lead archons, the Toreador Vidal Jarbeaux, took over negotiations with the Cathayans.  Archon Jarbeaux took the assembled kindred to San Francisco and met with the Cathayn representatives.  As they discussed terms, two of the Kindred present pulled out flare guns and destroyed the Cathayan ambassadors.  Archon Jarbeux fled with the kindred back to Seattle, while the Cathayans then declared war and invaded California in waves.  The Cathayans would come into a city, figure out the various kindred conflicts, and take sides...those who sided with the Cathayans were helped into prominant positions. The Cathayans called this alliance the New Promise Mandarinate. 

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