August, 2001 - January 2002
    Prince Syrus opens communication with Princes of various nearby cities, attempting to bring the local Camarilla cities together in light of their various enemies.

     Rumors of a petition for a faction of Assamites to join the Camarilla seem to be confirmed when Archon Democritus announces that the Assamite clan in Seattle is to be considered Camarilla for all intents and purposes.  Many view this as something of a test run.
     It is discovered that as time goes on, the difficulties with frenzy grow dramatically, it is believed that this increase is tied to the Lasombra Apostate Azaneal awakening.  

     Werewolf attacks on those leaving the city begin growing in number.  It is discovered that the Werewolves are enraged over the corruption of thier lakeside Caern, which they know was done by a vampire.  Attempts to seek them out are met with threats of death for any vampire leaving the city.

     During a chaotic council meeting, Prince Syrus reveals that he has talked the werewolves out of attacking the city, granting them domain over Washington Park to appease them.  He declares that Dymphina will be Prince while he leaves to "attend to somethings".  The Primogen refuse this, and instead the Ventrue Simon becomes Prince.  Syrus is destroyed shortly thereafter amid claims of collusion with the Sabbat.

     After a massive earthquake and riots break out in Los Angeles, televisions across the world broadcast a fiery angelic entity hovering over the city.     

     Fleeing a purge of California vampires by the Cathayans, a large group of Anarchs arrive in Las Vegas.  The Cathayans, however, quickly launch a series of lightning attacks at Las Vegas, as well as numerous other Camarilla cities further east and north.  Most fail, however Las Vegas falls to Cathayan control.  The survivors flee to Seattle.

      Great earthquakes begin to occur with more and more frequency in Seattle, which is believed to be tied to the Lasombra Apostate awakening. 
     In light of the Anarch exodus, Drago Catsov, a Tzimisce elder who sits on the Council in an advisory position is granted a Primogen position to speak for all the clanless and other independant vampires of Seattle.
     The Werewolves, growing weaker and sickly from the corruption of their Caern, declare war on the vampires of Seattle and launch a series of attacks on the city.  Prince Simon negotiates with the Werewolves and gets them to stand down, though they continue to attack vampires leaving the city.
     The Tremere take advantage of a Camarilla resurgence that takes San Diego and Los Angeles(partially) from the Cathayans.  Vancouver, WA is retaken and a Tremere Prince installed.

     A force of Sabbat is discovered and destroyed in Bellingham, WA.  Information gathered there indicates that the Sabbat are planning another siege to take advantage of the Camarilla's weakened position in Seattle. The Sabbat attack shortly thereafter and the battle rages into one of the suspected resting places of Azaneal.  A massive wave of shadow engulfs the combatants and disappears, taking them all.

      The Council, now certain of Azaneal's location, descend beneath the city and attack the Lasombra Apostate.  It is destroyed, and a great earthquake occurs, causing Mt. Rainier to rumble and begin smoking.  Prince Simon is reported destroyed in the battle, as is the elder Tzimisce Count Vladimir Rustovitch.
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