The Caitiff are often hated and disdained as being mongrels.  Most often embraced and then abandoned without being told anything about what they are, the unlife of a Caitiff is a long and difficult one.
Amethyst.  Known for her attitude and take charge manner, this young african-american "lady" has a reputation as something of a leader, albeit rough around the edges.
Rose.  This beauty is known to have had a long association with Amethyst.  Harpy.
Belladonna.  A secretive kindred who frowns on discussions of her past.
Zipper.  Another of Amethysts followers.
Lia.  This kindred is a recent arrival to Seattle.
Dan Murdock.
Theresa Brownfox
Tim O'Connel.  This Caitiff arrived with the San Francisco Exodus.