Having recently agreed to a truce with the Camarilla, the mysterious and alien asian vampires who call themselves Kue-Jin have been granted domain over areas of "significant asian cultural importance".
Chi Bao.  First Oni and Devil Tiger Mandarin.
Lili Zhou.  Bone Flower Mandarin.  This cold and graceful woman acts as elder and representative for the Kue-Jin in Seattle.
Owl Slays Snake.  Resplendant Crane Jina.
Nine Shadows on Cold Marble.  Bone Flower Jina. Milk of Ghosts.  Bone Flower.
Orchid Among Violets.  Thrashing dragon Jina.
Lightning Strikes the Turbulent Sea.  Wise Centipede.
Summer Storm Washes the Mountain.  Devil Tiger.
Tear of Silent Mourning.  Bone Flower.
Snake Bears it's Fangs.  Thrashing Dragon.
True Jade.  Wise Centipede.
Hell's Crimson Blade.  Devil Tiger.
Billy Wei. 
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