January, 2001 - August, 2001
    Lead by "Mandarin" Jiejie Li, the Cathayans swarmed across California, and up into Oregon, even taking Vancouver Wa. and Las Vegas Nevada, with western kindred supplying them with information, it was practically impossible for the Kindred to stand against them.  However, the Camarilla has some who are acting as double agents, and recieve information about the Cathayans as time goes on.  They learn that the Cathayans believe the western vampires to be base demonic creatures who are corrupt.  They learn that the current group of Cathayans in power believe they should try to "redeem" as many of the western vampires as possible, and destroy the rest.  They also learn that a significant portion of Cathayans also see this as a waste of time, believing the western vampires to be unredeemable. 

     During this time, the Tremere Primogen of Seattle, Ghent, is spotted outside Seattle, pouring *something* into a lake that sits on a Werewolf "Caern" or sacred site.
     Investigations into the troubles with frenzy lead to ancient stories of a Baali Methuselah resting somewhere underground the land where Seattle now sits.  This Methuselah is discovered to be a Lasombra Apostate: One of 23 others, each supposedly being a childe of a respective Antediluvean who swore allegience to the demon worshipping Baali clan, gaining demonic power and becoming kin to the clan in blood.  This Methuselah, Azaneal, was suspected to have manipulating events from it's slumber for centuries.  Still, without knowing where Azaneal is, and with the Cathayans threatening to invade further, Seattle's Kindred turn back to deal with the more immediate threat.

     AVentrue calling himself only Simon arrives in Seattle, claiming he has abilities that allow him to find and destroy Baali, as well as an interest in the Cathayans.  He finds the Ventrue in a state of disarray, and takes over as Primogen.  He sets about trying to strengthen the clan.
     The seattle Council meets with Archon Jarbeaux and decide to strike at the Cathayan Mandarin.  They formulate a plan involving a Monolith that tears open a hole in the shroud between the worlds of the living and the dead also summoning a great storm in the deadlands.  They hope this will neutralize the Cathayans ghostly allies.  They attack  but later learn that activatign the Monolith has somehow brought Azaneal closer to waking.   During the battle, the Tremere Primogen, Ghent, is revealed to be a servant of Azaneal, and is destroyed.  Mandarin JieJie Li is destroyed by the Toreador Primogen Kallindra and the group returns to Seattle.   
     Once back in Seattle, a ghostly image of a cathayan calling himself Maximum Sun replaces Jiejie Li as Mandarin, disbanding the New Promise Mandarinate, as he believes the Kindred to be wholly corrupt and irredeemable.  He thanks the kindred for helping him ascend to Mandarin, which will allow him to turn the Cathayans from wasting their efforts trying to "redeem" some of the western vampires, and instead begin what they should have done from the beginning: wiping the corruption of the western vampires from the earth.

     As the kindred of seattle recover from the battle, all the Malkavians who disappaeared gather in a strange location in a suburb outside of Seattle.  There, an eyewitness account has the Seattle Malkavian Primogen, Dymphina standing next to a charred blackened stump in a wooded area as a procession of the gathered Malkavians, single file, step forward, kneel to her and are devoured by her as she cries tears of blood.  This event is claimed by the Malkavians as the "Gathering of Shards".  Afterwards, only Dymphina, the whip of the Seattle clan, Dancin' Dana, and an Ancillae known only as Saxton remain.  The entire northwestern U.S.  population of Malkavians have been destroyed.
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