The Primogen Council
In most Camarilla cities, the Primogen is merely the group of eldest and/or most powerful kindred in the city.  In Seattle, the Primogen make up a body of representatives for the major clans, meeting with the Prince and other kindred "officials" of the city to deal with the numerous threats that continue to plague the city.
Cassandra.  Tremere Primogen.
Anthony Sebastian Sands.  Toreador Primogen and elder.
Louis Fortiare.  Ventrue Primogen.
Dymphina.  Malkavian Primogen.
Drego Catsov.  Tzimisce elder, Seneschal, and Primogen for the unaligned in the city.
Fariq.  Assamite Primogen.
Sir Ralph Hamilton.  Brujah Primogen.
Nik.  Nosferatu Primogen.