Clan Tremere
The Tremere have proven invaluable to the safety of Seattle's kindred.  However, they are disliked and distrusted due to their rigid inner structure and the amount of power their "magic" affords them.
Cassandra.  Seattle Primogen.  Known for being more accessable than most Tremere.
Lucius.  Whip.  Supposedly an investigator of some sort.  (Jason)
Malgorzata.  Rarely seen, but believed to have some role of importance within the Clan.
Epistatia.  Little is publically known about this supposely ancient kindred.  Those few who have had encounters with her come away unsure of her sanity.
Cohn Rose.  Harpy.
Ash Harrison.
Luna Demian. 
Martin Franckel
Keith.  This unusual Tremere has been seen about the streets of Seattle.