Clan Tzimisce
Continuing a long-time legacy of allowing unusual vampires to exist within a Camarilla controlled Seattle, there have been a few Tzimisce in the city.  However, they are not viewed as a "Clan" within the city as much as one or two unusual cases, assumed to have no connections by the general kindred populace...Of course this is all very much to the frustration of the Tremere.
Count Vladimir Rustovitch.  Once known for being an Elder of the Sabbat, Count Rustovitch came to Seattle and held the city fend off the Sabbat siege of 1999.  It is believed he remained in the city after that, however he wasn't seen again until the strike against Azaneal, during which rumors claim he was destroyed.
Drago Catsov.  Primogen.  Catsov seems to be against the Sabbat and to be at least supportive of the Camarilla.  He was granted a seat on the council earlier in 2001, and has recently been chosen to speak for all kindred in the city with no one to represent them, such as Caitiff, independants, etc.