Clan Ventrue
The Ventrue of Seattle are regrouping after losses from Cathayans, Lupines and a clan war with the Tremere, instigated by the since destroyed Ventrue prince, Natahsa. 
Harold.  This kindred is rarely seen in public save for the occasional event at Elysium.
Margret.  When she is seen in public, it is usually accompanied by her twin, Harold.
Democritus.  Archon.  Rumored to be older than the Roman Empire, Democritus has been "assigned" to Seattle to "Make certain the city does not fall out of Camarilla hands".
Suhailah.  This elder hails from Cairo.
Kelvin Wee.  This San Francisco Ventrue was formerly an Ambassador to the Cathayans.
Peter Kwan.  Formerly of San Francisco.
Sara Winder.  Former Prince of San Francisco.
Emily Carson.  This Elder recently arrived in the city.