Called Lupines by the vampires of Seattle, the werewolves are ancient rivals of the vampires.  This history of violence has continued for millenia, as the Werewolves consider the Vampires to be corrupted perversions of nature, or unwitting servants at best, to be put out of their misery.  The vampires of Seattle have had a series of up's and downs with the local lupines, who have made a few brief assaults into the city itself to find and destroy any vampires they could. 
     Werewolves are, for the most part, creatures of the wild, preferring to avoid the cities, which traditionally belong to the vampires, whom they call leeches.  However, the werewolves have some sort of spiritual connection to places of power, many of which are located within citites, bringing the werewolves and vampires into conflict.

     In Seattle, the Lupines have in the past been a threat, but have mostly remained outside the city and quite a distance away.  In light of recent events however and the retaking of a lupine "caern" not far from Seattle itself, the Werewolves have once again become a force that worries the kindred of the city.
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