The Consistory of North America was formed to help deal with the chaos in wake of the destruction of the Regent of the Sabbat. While still conferring with the sect's other elders in the Sabbat's home in Mexico city, the north american Consistory is hoped to help keep the Sabbat from plunging into a fourth civil war as the elders of the sect struggle to become Regent.  The Consistory is made up of Cardinals who oversee large geographical regions and Prisci(singular Priscus) who are advisors of a sort...given their position due to influence or age.
Cardinal Angelica, Clan Lasombra. Cardinal of the central U.S. territories.  Elder of the Sabbat Inquisition. Cardinal Strathcona, Cardinal of Canada.  Clan Ventrue Antitribu. 
The Cardinal.  Cardinal of the North Eastern U.S. territories.  Claims to be the last of the Tremere Antitribu. 
Cardinal Franciso Domingo De Polonia. Clan Lasombra Cardinal of the South Eastern U.S. territories.
Cardinal Lambach Ruthven.  Clan Tzimisce.  Rumored to be the childe of the Tzimisce Antediluvean.  Priscus Bronwen.  Clan Brujah Antitribu. 
Priscus Gisela "The Winnower" Harden.  Clan Harbinger of Skulls. 
Cardinal Sascha Vykos. Clan Tzimisce.
Priscus Charles VI.  Clan Lasombra.  One of the 3 leading contenders for Regent.
Priscus Korah.  Clan Malkavian Antitribu.
Priscus Matteus "The Flesh Sculpter".  Clan Toreador Antitribu.
Priscus Szechenyi Jolan, "Mother of Horrors".  Clan Tzimisce.  One of the 3 leading contenders for Regent.
Priscus Venere Carboni.  Clan Toreador Antitribu.  One of the 3 leading contenders for Regent.
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