The San Francisco Exodus
In late January, 2002, 11 Kindred fled the Cathayan purge of wesetern Vampires in California.  They came to Seattle, and have been accepted into the city, where they are yet another current of the chaos engulfing the Pacific Northwest region of the North Americas.
Sara Winder.  Ventrue.  Former Prince of San Francisco.
Peter Kwan.  Ventrue.  Sara Winder's Assistant.
Miriam.  Toreador.  Bodyguard to Sara Winder.
Kelvin Wee.  Ventrue.  Former ambassador to the New Promise Mandarinate.
The Kachina.  Nosferatu.  The lone Nosferatu survivor of the Cathayan purge, this native american kindred frightens even her own companions, though they all respect her, as well.
Luna.  Tremere.  Former Regent of San Francisco.
Tim O'Connell.  Caitiff.
Martin.  Tremere.  Assistant to Luna.