The Black Star
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And in those final nights.
As the shadow of Gehenna fell upon the world.
The Red Star grew
Vampires trembled
Struggling to achieve what they could, accomplish what long term goals they had left, and prepare themselves.
For even those who did not believe the ancient prophecies
could feel a great change coming though they could not
or would not
understand exactly what form it would take.

The Sabbat,
long a sect founded upon freedom and war on the Antediluvian founders
found itself tearing apart.
Both from within and without.

The Black Star
one of the oldest and founding packs of the sect
also found itself adrift in the chaos of those nights.
Assigned to carry out a seige of the Camarilla stronghold of Chicago
they were continually drawn out, into the chaos erupting all over the north american continent.
As the signs of the ancients rising became unavoidable
both great sects would shudder and begin to collapse.
The Black Star, at the heart of the beginning of Gehenna
would decide not only the fate of the Sabbat
but also play a role
in the destiny that was to unfold
at the end of the world.