The Bronx
New York City is still in a state of flux, despite having been taken from the Sabbat in 1999.  The Nosferatu Prince Calebros stepped down in 2001, and the various Primogen and other Elders have been jockying for the position since.  While New York city is something of a haven for the young and recently embraced kindred, The Bronx specifically has become synonymous with the disillusioned, the outcast and the revolutionary. 

Most of the kindred who made their home in the Bronx were wiped out in a confrontation with the Followers of Set who manipulated them, all orchestrated by the Black Star.  Now, thought of as Anarchs by most Camarilla and Independant vampires, The Black Star has made an alliance with the vampire who claims 'domain' over the area, the Malkavian primogen of the city, Carter Vanderweyden. 

Maggot recently arranged a meeting with several Anarch leaders in the Bronx, and they plan on using it as a central meeting area and haven.  The Black Star must maintain a delicate balance in the Bronx..  Between the Camarilla and the rest of the kindred, the various Kindred that would lead such a large group of rebels, and the packs own position within the Sabbat, considering the very dangerous game they play at.
Brujah Gangrel
Malkavian Nosferatu
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